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Often people find themselves in the Court system for one reason or another. A person may be required to be in Court for a small motor vehicle collision, which they feel they are able to manage themselves. Another reason might be for a small criminal or traffic matter, which is on the lower end on the scale of offences.

Often, some defendants take the view that being in Court and appearing is simply “telling your side of the story…” Although this is one aspect of appearing in Court, it is certainly not the complete picture. More importantly, it is certainly not the only basis upon which you should conduct a matter that could have a bearing on the rest of your life.

Nas Hanafi from Lion Legal regularly appears in all jurisdictions on behalf of clients. He appears in both civil and criminal matters, in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales. He also appears in the Federal Court and the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Nas Hanafi also appears for clients at mediations and settlement conferences.

In Court, the manner in which a person presents their case can make all the difference. Nas Hanafi takes great care to prepare for his matters prior to appearing and advocating in Court. Once in Court, he tells the client’s side of the story, but also explains to the Court the lead up to, as well as the background against, which the events occurred. Importantly and notably, Nas Hanafi meshes his submissions within the legal framework. All arguments put forward by Nas Hanafi on behalf of his clients are tailored towards addressing the overarching legal issues that in the Magistrate’s or Judge’s mind.

Thus, to appear for oneself, though possible, is not advisable. As the saying goes, “one does not know what one does not know”, and unfortunately, this has seen self represented litigants say and do things to their case’s detriment.

Thus, if you are required to be in Court, please give Nas Hanafi of Lion Legal a call on (02) 9251 2722. 
Lion Legal has been operating in the Sydney CBD for 7 years.  

Nas Hanafi is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales and appears for clients in both civil and criminal matters. He also undertakes transactional matters such as conveyancing, wills and business law.  Nas Hanafi also lectures and tutors in Corporate Law at the University of Western Sydney.

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nas hanafi nasir hanafi legalreporter legal reporter larceny appeal successful lion legal